Helium Ballongasbehälter 13,4L "BALLOON TIME"

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Produktinformationen "Helium Ballongasbehälter 13,4L "BALLOON TIME""

Helium balloon gas tank 13.38L "BALLOON TIME"

Content: 0.25 m³ pure helium, for 30 balloons European quality product Incl. Filling valve, German manual and Filling template on the back of the box. Deposit free disposable container, dimensions: 44 x 25 x 25 cm. Summary for 0.25 m³ bottle: Latex balloons, round Ø 23 cm: about 27-30 pieces, flight time: about 5-7h Latex balloons, round Ø 28 cm: ca.15-17 pieces, flight time: ca.12h


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