Auto Kühlerfrostschutz

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Produktinformationen "Auto Kühlerfrostschutz"

Car Radiator Antifreeze G12 + 1.5 L.

Kynast Exclusive complies with the G12 standard suitable for cooling systems of all types of motor vehicle engines, protects the aluminum radiator, metal and rubber parts of the cooling system from corrosion, guaranteed melting point -35 ° C, ensures effective cooling and protects against overheating, prevents sludge and scale formation, contains no environmentally harmful additives, for continuous operation of about 3 years or approx. 100,000 km, contains ethylene glycol Caution: Harmful if swallowed see label Radiator Antifreeze - Water 1 Radiator Antifreeze: 1 Water = - 15 o C 1 Radiator Antifreeze: 2 Water = - 12 o C 2 Radiator Antifreeze: 1 Water = - 22 o C


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